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PDF shows on Creative-R and the Universe Grand Design

Offered as a free download.

around the needs for mobile devices and the busy professional.

In English: For the 30 minutes show download (PDF 21MB) click here

In German: For the 30 minutes show download (PDF 22MB) click here

PowerPoint shows on Creative-R and the Universe Grand Design

Offered as a free download.

You will need a PC or Mac equipped with a PowerPoint viewer, version 2007 or later for .ppsx format.

English versions:

60 minute show

This show takes approximately 60 minutes, when viewing it for the first time.
The show has five sections, each accessible by the user at all times.

These sections are:
  1. Our window on creation (emergence).

  2. Magic of transformation.

  3. The self-aware universe.

  4. Universe Grand Design.

  5. Source of your own genius.

For the 60 minutes show download (.ppsx 16MB) click here

90 minutes show

This show has an extended section 5 and might be of interest for professionals in the fields of teaching, coaching, human resource management, organizational behavior or applied humanistic psychology.
Moreover, for those who are interested in 'the nature of knowledge' and have followed the philosophical debates since the days of Plato, section 5 might add some new perspectives.

For the 90 minutes show download (.ppsx 18MB) click here

German version

60 Minuten in Gedanken, ein Leben voller Inspiration

 The 60 minutes show described earlier, in German.

For the 60 minutes German show download (.pps 23MB) click here

These shows originate from lectures by Cornel Slenters, now adapted as a selfpaced introduction to the LOTA concepts, including Creative-R and the Universe Grand Design.

They do not offer the seamless logic for which the book is known, however they communicate the major concepts in a playful manner. The user has full control over the timing and can determine his/her own pace.
For a more in depth understanding, please read the book, which you can also download for free. Just click here.

Benefit of PPT shows over PDF? The PPT shows have animated displays, which illustrate the concepts better. Provided you have a reader that handles the PPT animations. If not, then it is better to use the PDF option.

Conditions of use:

These PowerPoint and PDF shows are made available to you free of charge by the author, publisher and copyrights holder, Cornel Slenters. You have the right to download them, duplicate them and share them with others, provided you do not charge for them, do not alter the text or remove parts of the content.  

Cornel Slenters

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