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The Universe
                  Grand Design

Cycle in the universe


Universe Grand Design

The universe as big cycle

From Einstein's physics

to consciousness and the Universe Grand Design.

Cornel Slenters

Without question Einstein's most famous equation is E=Mc2. In philosophical terms it suggests that energy originates from matter. Associated images are nuclear power plants, nuclear bombs etc. As an illustration that it is firmly embedded in our minds, just enter E=Mc2 as a search word in your favorite search engine and watch the hit counter. Google gave me approximately 65'000 hits.

Einstein's theory of relativity is a linear theory and it is perfectly correct to express the relationship between mass and energy in the reverse order, thus M=E/c2. In philosophical terms, this form would suggest that matter might originate from energy. Does it make sense? It certainly looks unfamiliar and a quick test with a search engine for M=E/c2 will confirm this, with a mere 500 hits.

So what .... you might say.
On this website I will reason the benefits of looking at the second interpretation more closely because it can lead to a wide range of benefits, for individuals and society. Some examples of benefits already visible or clearly within reach:
  • The universe has meaning and it becomes easy to see.
  • Our lives have meaning and it is easier to relate to our deeper driving forces.
  • New energy sources can be tapped, because 'energy' is better understood.
  • The mind body relationship is better understood; potential for new therapies.
  • We can tap new sources of creativity; for conflict resolution and wealth creation.
  • We can tap our individual potentials more and enjoy the journey more.
  • There is a better fit with many of the contemporary scientific discoveries.

The cycle

The nature of the universe can be viewed as a giant cycle. This idea is not new and appears in ancient texts, legends, oriental philosophies, such as in Vedic concepts.

However, when we reason from the common notion that energy originates from matter, thus E=Mc2, there is no cycle. Instead we have to resort to questionable ideas like 'big bang' in order to compensate for some very fundamental gaps in our understanding. Moreover, our understanding of physical reality continues to be on a loose footing since fundamentals like gravity, energy and time are still poorly understood.

Now, if we reverse the order, thus M=E/c2, suggesting that matter originates from energy, we are in for some very pleasant surprises:
  • The universe does appear as a giant cycle.
  • The 'big bang' is no longer needed.
  • The word energy takes on a richer meaning.

The major phases in the cycle

The diagram on the left illustrates the major phases in the cycle:

The Great Scaling Pattern

The Great Scaling Pattern is a universal pattern of interactions, of constant renewal, seemingly fundamental to all our experiences. Once we know it, we can recognize it with ease in a wide range of phenomena, such as the formation of stars and galaxies, the structure of our brain, cell structures, geographic maps, interpersonal relations, structures in society etc.


The nature of the Great Scaling Pattern leads to a uniqueness of every 'identity' in the universe. The dynamic nature of the universe acts as an agent of change on the 'identity', yet the 'identity' wants to preserve its identity. These two forces create an imbalance. The mediating force between these two forces is called consciousness. This form of consciousness is therefore present in all aspects of the universe and our experiences, physical as well as non-physical.

We use the term 'identity' to illustrate the dynamics of consciousness. The actual nature of 'identities' are looping interaction patterns, physical and non-physical.

Directed energy

The nature of this consciousness is such that it channels energy directed at mediating the imbalances, physical and non-physical. It is argued that this energy drives our actual universe. We have thus closed the cycle.


In order to get a feel for what consciousness means in every day live, please  reflect for a moment on your own thoughts after reading the above paragraphs:

These concepts are possibly new for you. You have big mental investments in trying to make sense of the world, in terms of your education, personal experiences, your logical reasoning. This is one aspect of your identity and it wants to preserve what it has (resist change). If external events come your way that would force you to reinterpret your past experiences, we start to see a mediating force between a drive towards stability (the aspect of your identity) and a drive for adaptation. This is the notion of consciousness related to this situation, resulting in thoughts, decisions, actions. All of these are directed energy. If all of this leaves you 100% cold and you go your own sweet ways as before, there is no energy released towards a new order of understanding and organization.

Expanding universe

This Great Scaling Pattern leads to identity in its myriad forms, which leads to consciousness in its myriad forms, which leads to directed energy, which leads to the Great Scaling Pattern, and so on ... in ever expanding cycles. Thus, we are looking at an expanding universe, but for a different reason.

Back to M=E/c2, how is matter generated?

There is a notion among a number of leading scientists that most energy is not materialized in matter, called background energy. We can therefore picture a non-local high energy field which is generated by consciousness from all aspects and identities in the universe. How is matter generated? It is localized energy resulting from fast spinning loops in a non-local high energy field, causing collapse of the wave function, giving us M=E/c2. Click below for more details on the overall cycle.

The universe Big Cycle in greater detail
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Click the picture on the right
to learn more about the
Big Cycle
driving our universe.

Big Cycle details
The universal cycle
                                in diagram
Big Cycle details
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Click the picture on the left for the six phases in the Big Cycle driving our universe.

Is it Big Bang or Big Cycle ?
The global debate on the evolution of the universe.
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