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By Cornel Slenters

Here is my favorite, without the need for physics: A process based on mathematics and logic, taking you less than a day to learn. You can do it on your kitchen table and you are in charge. Here is the process:

The question
Is there meaning in life and the universe or did it all start with a big bang and evolve along the path of chance?

My standards as skeptic
n my quest for answers I discarded all theories which use concepts of time, past, future, mass, gravity, distance, space or energy, since they are part of the ‘space-time dynamic order’ the very things masquerading in front of our eyes.

Next I eliminated all theories which do not use '
terminology from within the system'. Here is an example of the rule of 'terminology from within the system' and when it is violated: The term ‘energy’ has no meaning in the explanation of a theory unless ‘energy’ is explained entirely by the set of terms used within the theory. Many theories violate this rule and hidden assumptions are introduced as a result. (See LOTA challenge, link to another site)

Next, I wanted a theory with a good mathematical foundation, clear logical structure, embracing the principles of science and suitable for people with both feet on the ground.

The LOTA philosophy of science
In response to the above requirements the LOTA philosophy of science was developed. Total learning time for the basic concepts is less than one day. No special knowledge is required, other than a good general education.

The seven stages of development leading to LOTA
( LOTA = LOgical Thought about All we know. )

Stage 1 Starting from zero assumptions. A suitable universal was selected, for which I choose ‘interactions’. Interaction patterns were studied by analyzing structures of knowledge.

Stage 2 A basic structure emerged, highly scalable, a geometric pattern, with loops and branches, first hints of self-organization through the looping interaction patterns.

Stage 3 Design of the ‘loop generator’, a very basic paper tool to study the emergence of self-organizing patterns. Excitement: Self-organizing patterns emerge through the variation of one universal parameter, related to the rate of unfolding new patterns. The significance of this discovery is recognized and is given the name Creative-R.

Stage 4We scale the loop generator pattern upwards. The result is the Great Scaling Pattern, which has remarkable similarity to the physical appearance of the universe. When Creative-R is large enough the Great Scaling Pattern will unfold, when it is below a threshold the GSP will not unfold. (The hand of God? The holy grail for mathematicians? Just wait and read on.)

Stage 5We analyze actual Creative-R levels in the real physical universe. Big surprise, it is much larger than it needs to be.

Stage 6 We plug the Creative-R values of the real universe in our loop generator and watch the outcome.

Stage 7The outcome is a mind boggling experience, a transformation of virtual magic. Does life have meaning? Yes. Are we looking at the hand of God? I prefer to leave that question with you.

Predictions from the LOTA philosophy of science
  • Our universe is a participatory universe and we are co-creators.
  • It is driven by energy. (not the Big Bang)
  • Energy is driven by consciousness.
  • The origin and dynamics of consciousness have become visible through LOTA.
  • We are co-creators of consciousness.
  • Individual and collective experiences contribute to universe expansion.
  • Consciousness, energy and the Great Scaling Pattern form a cycle, the Universe Grand Design.
  • Consciousness can evolve more quickly in the non-physical domain.
  • The non-physical domain appears as ‘all-in-one’ and ‘one-in-all’ or ‘undivided wholeness’.
  • Our minds reside partially in the non-physical domain.
  • We have a soul.
  • We create our realities from the inside out.
  • Our soul survives physical death.
  • Our souls have chosen for the earthly life experiences.
  • Some form of reincarnation of the soul is most likely.
  • By understanding these relationships we grow our abilities to use creative powers from within.

Validating the LOTA philosophy of science outcomes.
  • Published in 1996, it is withstanding the test of time and the critical assessment by many smart people.
  • The logic has been studied by many and is still standing up unscratched.
  • The mathematical foundation is transparent and straightforward, so far unchallenged.
  • The loop generator experiment has been run by many of my students, with 100% success rate.
  • LOTA is the only known theory which meets the demanding standard of the LOTA challenge.
  • LOTA meets all the demanding conditions with which this article started.
  • In the end however it is your own personal experience that will make it credible or not.

Enjoy the journey!

Your host
Cornel slenters
For the full story you will need the book, called Breakthrough, which you can get here on-line.

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