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Is it Big Bang or Big Cycle ?
The global debate on the evolution of the universe.
A selection of links to educational websites compatible with the Big Cycle scenario.

Big Cycle scenario related links

Wheeler's symbol for
                      a participatory universe

"I have a hunch that the universe is built like an enormous feedback loop, a loop in which we contribute to the ongoing creation of not just the present and the future but the past as well".

John Archibald Wheeler, theoretical physicist.

The universe as a giant cycle - feedback loop
John Archibald Wheeler on the participatory universe  Eminent theoretical physicist. An excellent account on the notion that we are shapers and creators living in a participatory universe. Interview by Tim Folger.

The universe background energy and implicate order
David Bohm on the implicate order  Eminent theoretical physicist. The notion of wholeness as the origin of the universe from which physical reality unfolds, at lower energy levels.
Cosmology - Dark matter
AIAS: The unified field theories of Myron Evans  Exciting developments, with great potentials for new applications in medicine and free (over unity) energy devices.

Detection of subtle matter through weight measurements, by Dr. Klaus Volkamer. A discovery with great potentials for new applications in medicine and free (over unity) energy devices. Website is mostly in German.

Self organization in the universe
Life is inevitable in our creative universe. Interview with Stuart Kauffman, widely acclaimed for his research on self organization in biology. From the Paula Gordon Show.

Self organization: patterns and function  In biological systems.

The Gaia theory - Science of the living earth  An introduction to the Gaia Theory developed by James Lovelock.

The universe as hologram
The Holographic Universe  By Michael Talbot

The holographic universe   A good general overview on Crystallinks.

David Bohm's holographic universe   An introduction to David Bohm's views on the holographic nature of the universe.

Karl Pribram: on the mind-brain relationship   Karl Pibram, former professor of neuropsychology at Stanford University, interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove, on the holographic nature of the brain.

Consciousness as the driving force in the universe
The self-aware universe  Views by Amit Goswami, Theoretical Quantum Physicist, on consciousness as the driving force in the universe.

Institute of Noetic Sciences  Homepage of  the institute with many links on consciousness research.

The roots of consciousness:  The reflexive universe  The views of Arthur M. Young. Interview by Jeffrey Mishlove.

Consciousness and the new physics  A compilation of different viewpoints from leading thinkers. By Jeffrey Mishlove.

Arthur M. Young on Science, Spirit and the Soul  The nature of intent, motivation, spiritual origin of consciousness and the enfolding nature in the physical universe.

Physics and consciousness  Interview with Fred Alan Wolf in the Thinking Allowed TV series.

Thinking Allowed  Many links to organizations, interviews and speakers on subjects related to consciousness as the driving force in the universe.

Tapping the background energy of the universe
Primordial Energy - The legacy of  Bruce DePalma  A pioneer in prototyping a working 'free energy' generator.

Potential vortex, scalar waves & alternative energy  By Konstantin Meyl. Highly interesting. With over unity energy demo and scalar waves faster than the speed of light.

Free Energy - The N-Machine  An excellent overview on the early developments of 'free energy' devices and the underlying principles. By Richard Walters.

The Institute for New Energy  A hosting web site with many links to web sites on new energy sources.

The Tom Bearden Website  Exciting developments in the development of commercially viable 'free energy' generators. Underlying theories have wide ranging implications and applications.

Dr Thomas Valone of Integrity Research Institute on Zero Point Energy, ZPE, with many interesting links.

The mind-brain relationship
Stuart Hameroff's Home Page  Author of the Quantum Mind; Consciousness, Quantum Physics and the Brain. Introducing the concept of non-local connections of the brain through the discovery of  microtubules. The translation in every day language is this: The brain is connected to the non-physical domain at the functional level. Hence, a path for thoughts and emotions to migrate across the boundaries of the physical and non-physical.

Fanthom DNA, an effect discovered by Russian scientists Peter Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin demonstrating influences of subtle energy, coherent light, feelings and the spoken word on DNA. Great potentials for new, non pharma based, healing methods.


"The so-called empty space in the universe contains an immense background of energy. Matter, as we know it, is just a small quantized wave-like excitation on top of this background, rather like a tiny ripple on a vast sea".

David Bohm,
theoretical physicist,
author of Wholeness and the Implicate Order.



With courtesy of NASA:
Dark matter and dark energy make up 95% of the universe.
Dark energy and matter, 95%
                  of the universe

For a NASA review of technologies for future space engines based on dark matter or zero point energy -ZPE- see this link

Are we rediscovering the aether, but now it is called dark matter or ZPE?

Here is a description by Nikola Tesla, from one century ago:
"What is the aether and why is it so difficult to detect it? I reflected on this matter for a seriously long time and here are the outcomes I have been led to:
I think that all the contradictions about whether the aether exists or not are the result of a wrong interpretation of aether's properties. The aether has always been presented as an aeroform environment [gaseous]. That was the essential mistake. The aether has a very strong density. It is known that with greater density of a substance, the higher is the speed of wave propagation within it. When comparing acoustic speed in the air and the light speed I have drawn a conclusion that aether density is several thousand times higher than air density. It is not the aether that is aeroform [gaseous] but the material world is an aeroform to the aether!"
Nikola Tesla

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Abraham H. Maslow

Science is not about dogma, but about evidence.

Rupert Scheldrake
When quantum physics is interpreted in the context of the Big Bang scenario it tends to disconnect with contemporary developments in humanistic psychology. However, when quantum physics is interpreted in the context of the Big Cycle scenario derived from the LOTA philosophy of science, it reconnects. The following links to research sites and organizations give some examples.

Research of extrasensory perception - ESP
Extrasensory perception (ESP)  A good overview on academic research.

Rupert Sheldrake Online  ESP with animals

Morphogenic fields Field theory of Rupert Sheldrake

Parapsychology and Psi research
Psychic Science links

The Roots of Consciousness Many links to Psi research.
Parapsychology and Psi research with many links.

Consciousness Research   By Dean Radin
Exceptional Human Experience Network

Intuition Network Psi research links, articles and interviews.

Metaphysical and science website  By Ellie Crystal. A big site with many links and articles on a wide range of subjects.

Out of body  experiences - OBE
Out of Body Experience Research Foundation Experience sharing via the web.

Jerry Gross' out-of-body research

Near death experiences - NDE's
International Association for Near Death Studies A website with good information, resources, support and many links.

Nurse's research on near-death experiences
Dr. Penny Sartori

Near Death Experience Research Foundation  A site for experience sharing.

The Institute for Afterlife Research A big website with good information on a wide range of related aspects.

Life After Life - Raymond A. Moody Homepage of a pioneer.

Research on reincarnation

Reincarnation Research  Ken Williams' research conclusions, with many links.

Dr. Ian Stevenson: Scientific evidence for reincarnation

Children's past lives

The Institute for Afterlife Research - Other children past lives


All the above links are selected in order to enrich the Big Cycle scenario debate. There is no content endorsement on our part of these sites and there is no implied content endorsement on their part regarding the content of our site.

A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.

Abraham H. Maslow

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