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The scope of LOTA

The LOTA philosophy of science makes coherent relationships visible among all of the following fields of interest:

  • Evolution
  • Creation
  • Mind
  • Brain
  • Soul
  • Matter
  • Origin of consciousness
  • Origin of our individual identities
  • All known science disciplines (looking for exceptions)
  • The universe as hologram
  • Origin of energy
  • Near death experiences
  • Reincarnation
  • Humanistic psychology
  • Out of body experiences
  • Para-psychology
  • Benefits of meditation
  • Chinese medicine & TAO concepts
  • Remote healing
  • Wholeness and the implicate order (David Bohm concepts)

Predictions from the LOTA philosophy of science
  • Our universe is a participatory universe and we are co-creators.
  • It is driven by energy. (not the Big Bang)
  • Energy is driven by consciousness.
  • The origin and dynamics of consciousness have become visible through LOTA.
  • We are co-creators of consciousness.
  • Individual and collective experiences contribute to universe expansion.
  • Consciousness, energy and the Great Scaling Pattern form a cycle, the Universe Grand Design.
  • Consciousness can evolve more quickly in the non-physical domain.
  • The non-physical domain appears as ‘all-in-one’ and ‘one-in-all’ or ‘undivided wholeness’.
  • Our minds reside partially in the non-physical domain.
  • We have a soul.
  • We create our realities from the inside out.
  • Our soul survives physical death.
  • Our souls have chosen for the earthly life experiences.
  • Some form of reincarnation of the soul is most likely.
  • By understanding these relationships we grow our abilities to use creative powers from within.

Validating the LOTA philosophy of science outcomes.
  • Published in 1996, it is withstanding the test of time and the critical assessment by many smart people.
  • The logic has been studied by many and is still standing up unscratched.
  • The mathematical foundation is transparent and straightforward, so far unchallenged.
  • The loop generator experiment has been run by many, under controlled conditions, with 100% success rate.
  • LOTA is the only known theory that meets the demanding standard of the LOTA challenge.
  • In the end however it is your own personal experience that will make it credible or not.

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