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A universe of love, fact or fiction?

By Cornel Slenters

The Universe Grand Design theory predicts that the universe evolves in the direction of LOVE and here are the reasons, in a nutshell:
  • The six phases in the Universe Grand Design cycle are leading to an ever expanding consciousness.
  • Love or hate, how will these emotions affect the ever expanding consciousness?
  • We shall follow them on their course, starting with hate:
    • Acts driven by hate will return,  since the entire universe consists of loops.
    • If  acts of hate are responded to by more acts of hate, it will set off  cycles of ever growing fragmentation leading to violence and destruction. (plenty of examples in the news)
  • Turning now to love:
    • Acts driven by love (empathy) will also return, since the entire universe consists of loops.
    • Love tends to unite. (we unite when we help victims of catastrophes)
    • The uniting forces of love (empathy) lead to more integration of ideas, viewpoints, cooperative actions (greater complexity) and evolution of consciousness.
    • The evolving awareness that flows from this leads to ever greater realization that the ultimate unifier in the universe is LOVE.
    • Indeed the old adage: Love makes the world go round. (In spite of what we see in the news)
  • We are on spiritual journeys in a universe where the ultimate UNITY and the notion of LOVE are synonymous.
ugd love

I am frequently asked to comment on 'fear' as a uniting force. The uniting force of fear is easily misused as an instrument of  power, in politics, commerce or organizational setting (of which there are plenty of examples in history and in the present).  It is generally a poor guide for action and tends to be short lived once the manipulation is discovered. Then it tends to bifurcate (fragment) along two forces, namely those who desire to maintain the status quo and those who desire to work on the true causes of fear. The latter will lead to a greater diversity of opinion regarding the appropriate actions. At this stage the initial element of 'fear' is no longer a unifying force.

Is the universe benevolent or non-benevolent in its intend, that is the fundamental question.

Albert Einstein

I kept looking for the logic that would explain life. It never occurred to me that love is the vital synthesis.

Jane Roberts

When the power of love overtakes the love for power, then we have peace.
Jimmy Hendrix


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