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Praise from readers of Breakthrough

Based on the print edition

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    My perspective was seriously expanded last night as I finished reading Breakthrough. It is an easy to read, engaging and short journey through a truly fundamental shift in thinking that rests on a few basic concepts, accessible to all. I can't tell you what a gift it was to read it now as I am preparing the first Mind Workout program. Thank you ! 
    Dr. Lilly Evans, United Kingdom,
    Managing Director, Strategic Learning Web 

    I am a veterinarian who has read your book three times. I have been a student of various schools of thought and I find your LOTA concepts to be the most intuitive explanation for the basis of everything. You have hit the nail on the head. Your work deserves the attention of the Nobel Committee. Well done ... and thank you.
    Theodore Schulz, DVM
    Rio Vista, CA, USA

    I studied it with great interest and admiration. It is a remarkable synthesis of thoughts and ideas, new for our time. Your book is a great achievement. 
    Prof.  Dr. Erland Lagerroth
    Lund University, Sweden 

    I admire the enthusiasm it radiates throughout and its style for easy reading. Moreover, as I discovered, Breakthrough makes a nice gift for friends who share an interest in philosophy. Wishing you a large readership. 
    Fred W. Schroeder,
    retired VP of Hewlett-Packard Co., Palo-Alto 

    A daring and stimulating book, deserving to be widely known. 
    Prof.  Dr. Ueli Schibler, 
    Faculty of Molecular Biology, University of Geneva 

    These are most thoughtful and enlightening ideas on the nature of life and mind. A wonderful contribution of wisdom. 
    Dr. John Stevens, Switzerland, 
    Managing Director of Carouge Consulting 

    I love it. Upbeat, leading edge and inspiring ! 
    Dr. Mary Weed-Pickens 
    Former HP Europe Communications. 
    Communications consultant and author.

    Breakthrough is an outstanding contribution to our understanding of consciousness. 
    Slenters pursues an idea that most other writers on consciousness have ignored. 
    Writing Breakthrough was an act of courage. 
    Dr. Matti Pitkanen
    Author of the TGD inspired theory of consciousness
    University of Helsinki, Finland

    Wow! This is powerful reading. I am looking forward to the sequel. 
    Dr. Joe Habarta, 
    V.P. of Corporate QA, Ares-Serono Group 

    A highly stimulating and thought provoking book. These are important ideas, which we hope to be able to study within the UGWB curriculum. 
    Prof.  Dr. Gunnar Carlsson,  Denmark, 
    Director of Canhelp 
    Co-founder of the University of Global Well-Being 

    This book is a long-term companion with stimulating new insights in the nature of mind, creativity and learning. A 'must read' for every professional who is involved in moving organizational learning forward. 
    Paul L. Hamner, 
    Educational Services Manager, 
    Hewlett-Packard Europe. 

    Breakthrough is a well written and thought provoking book.
    Dr. Jagdish Parikh,
    Author of Managing Relationships and other books.
    President of the Centre for Executive Renewal.

    Breakthrough is a brilliant book, with a wonderful gift to communicate penetrating new insights in the nature of mind, from which to grow our inner strengths. 
    Jan Leguyt, Netherlands, 
    Director of Outplacement, 
    Lucent Technologies

    Breakthrough offers a new logical perspective on the nature of consciousness and mind, with significant long term implications. 
    Prof.  Dr. Robert Steffen, 
    Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich 

    Breakthrough is well written using a style which makes a fluent reading possible. This is important since, on the other hand, the content is quite demanding and requires much thinking. There are many illustrations in the book which explain the thinking and concepts in diagrams. These are very useful. The content of the book is basically of philosophical nature. In developing this philosophy it makes much use of present day knowledge in science, psychology, as well as eastern and western ways of thinking. The many connections made to science are not just examples or illustrations to explain the philosophy. The connections go further in so far as the way of thinking in the exact sciences is incorporated in the method with which the philosophy is developed. 
    Dr. Albert Hofmann, Geneva, 
    retired physicist

    Book review  published in Network, the Scientific and Medical Network Review (1998): 
    This book is an accessible explanation of the author's theory of life and mind. He describes a number of principles such as the 'Great Scaling Pattern', interconnectedness and adaptive loops that underlie the phenomena of the physical and non-physical realms. He sees the unity underlying everything and argues that consciousness is primary. He also discusses the creative role of the subconscious and compares his insights with those of the Seth material. The book presents an integrated understanding and challenges the reader to tap the creative resources of the subconscious mind. 

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