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U N I V E R S E   G R A N D   D E S I G N

- the cyclic nature of the universe - 
concept Cornel Slenters


This cycle is named the
Universe Grand Design.

The diagram on the right describes six phases in the cycle.

The links on the top and the bottom bring you to more detailed descriptions of each of the phases in the cycle.

In principle you can start from any of the phases. The Great Scaling Pattern is the phase most familiar and thus a good place to start.

After that, just follow the cycle in clockwise direction.
Universe Grand Design
Why the Universe expands

Our existence on earth takes on a different meaning when the notion of energy is stripped from its steam engine mentality and consciousness is recognized as the true driving force of physical experience.

Life experience is then a vital link in the overall creative framework of the Universe Grand Design.

Indeed our experiences contribute to the overall framework of the Universe Grand Design in the form of expanding consciousness and new energies.

Yes, the universe expands, but for a different reason than is suggested by the 'big bang' scenario.

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