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Great Scaling Pattern

The Great Scaling Pattern - where everything interacts with everything else - leads to a phenomena called 'identity'.

Identity comes from the sense of uniqueness by all 'things' since they have a unique relationship with everything else in the universe, by virtue of the unique set of interactions.

To illustrate this notion, think about a surprise party organized by your friends and you walk into the room when they are all expecting you. You are the only one in the world with this unique set of friends and this set of relationships.

So it is for every sand particle on a beach.
Universe Grand Design
Every 'identity' is a looping interaction pattern.
All interactions with an 'identity' are also looping interaction patterns, which leads to a unique multi-dimensional environment for each 'identity'.

Each identity is also an active player in each of these associated loops, creating a close link between action and identity.

Action returns to the indentity, many times.

All aspects of reality have identity, physical and non-physical.

Thoughts have identity.
Birds have identity.
Rocks have identity.
A mountain has identity.
A nation has identity.
Emotions have identity.
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