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U N I V E R S E   G R A N D   D E S I G N
- the cycle in six phases -
concept Cornel Slenters


Great Scaling Pattern

The Great Scaling Pattern is the dynamic pattern of interactions making up our universe.

Interaction patterns have a universal structure that leads to self organization.

This self organization finds its roots in a fundamental parameter called Creative-R.

When Creative-R exceeds a certain minimum value, self organization will take place.

 Creative-R is beyond space, time and mass. However we can measure its value in the physical domain.

Universe Grand Design

The high Creative-R measured in the physical domain leads to a model of the universe where everything is connected with everything else.

This leads to very interesting scaling structures of which one is depicted on the left, as the white structure in the background. Where every node  mirrors the structure of the whole.

Ultimately 'each' is contained in 'all', in a pattern of wholeness.

The universe appears as a giant hologram. We can cut a hologram picture in pieces and each part contains the whole picture. Yet the clarity is reduced. Keep this analogy in mind when visiting the other phases in the cycle.
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