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Great Scaling Pattern.

We almost made full circle from the Great Scaling Pattern and shall now integrate several key ideas made along the way:

The white background structure on the right, described earlier in the GSP phase, unfolds like leaves on a flower. 

These 'leaves' form the 'aspects' of an identity.

These aspects are functional groupings and are indeed the aspects of our lives.

We live in a multi-dimensional reality made up of aspects.

We influence many aspects at once since we play many roles at once.
Universe Grand Design

For instance we are members of a species, a race, a sex, a nation, a profession, a time period, family, etc. and we influence all these at once through our individual thoughts and actions.

Aspects form a deep structure behind our reality and we can become aware of them, in particular at the emotional level.

These aspects make full circle from GSP to consciousness to energy and drive the deeper structures of the GSP.

For instance, they are mirrored in the ways our emotions are stored in our bodies.

And matter becomes visible,  through the dynamics of consciousness and the collapse of the wavefunction, following Einstein's equation M=E/c2.

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