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U N I V E R S E   G R A N D   D E S I G N
- the cycle in six phases -
concept Cornel Slenters


directed energy

A whole new class of so-called 'free energy devices' will be emerging soon from research laboratories, in different parts of the world, which seem to defy conventional concepts of energy.

They are called 'free energy devices' because they seem to tap energy from the 'universal void'.

This is the notion put forth by a number of theories about an immense background of energy beyond space-time.

The Universe Grand Design cycle suggests the following:

We live in an ocean of energy and most of this energy is invisible to us. Most of it is not present in space-time (is non-local).

Universe Grand Design

All this energy is directed by consciousness.

It is only through the means of an anchor that we gain access to localized energy.

Such an anchor is created through the creation of a localized identity.

Such identity is created through looping interaction patterns. In practice, this is achieved through a tight spin.

Very tight spins form good anchors and are therefore potential high energy sources.

Useful energy from the 'universal void' is then generated through the creation of a temporary imbalance in the spin and the universal void providing the energy to restore the spin balance.

Hence, a good illustration of how the dynamics of consciousness flow all the way through and give meaning to the term 'directed energy'.

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