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an integral theory uniting East, West, sciences and the soul.

With new answers to the ultimate questions of life.

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The LOTA philosophy of science
The scope of LOTA

LOTA overview

Creative-R the force behind all things

The Universe Grand Design

How LOTA empowers

A universe for the supreme skeptic

The open LOTA challenge

LOTA as TOE ?  Your chance to falsify!


How LOTA solves the consciousness 'hard problem'

Slenters versus Hawking and Mlodinow

Slenters challenges Richard Dawkins on Atheism

The universe as Big Cycle
Introducing the Big Cycle scenario

Big Cycle scenario - the six phases

Big Cycle in evidence - link pages

A universe of love, fact or fiction?

Facts about philosophy of science
Why LOTA sets a new standard

Traps leading to the 'spaghetti effect'

You can download here the free eBook edition of Breakthrough, the Origins of Mind, Space and Time,

If you prefer pictures to words, go to the PowerPoint shows (here) and download your own copy, for free.

Or download the 30 minutes show in PDF format, here.

The scope of LOTA

Described as the most intuitive Theory Of Everything - TOE

LOTA flow

Based on


the most fundamental discovered force of the universe

- without it, the universe would disappear inside a second -  


The LOTA philosophy of science is a unifying framework based on 'all we know'
and derived at by logical thought and verification.

It integrates oriental philosophical ideas
in the western scientific framework of thinking.

It contributes significant answers to vital questions, such as:
the origins of our creative minds,
why are we here,
is there a higher intelligence,
is there life after life.

it reveals our participatory role in the overall
Universe Grand Design

or Big Cycle.

Sciences and the soul are meeting here,
in full harmony!


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Follow this link for an eBook copy of Breakthrough.

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If you prefer pictures to words:

A 30 minutes show in PDF format.
Demonstrates how Creative-R transforms into the Universe Grand Design and the incredible powers at your disposal.

You can download it here. (21MB)
Offered as a public service (free).

Several interactive PowerPoint shows on Creative-R, Universe Grand Design, LOTA Philosophy of Science.

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